Say Yes to the Top Wedding Dress Trends of 2015

Most women and maybe a few men will tell you that the most important garment in a wedding is the bride’s attire. Every year different trends come out and sweep us off of our feet. Phenomenal wedding gowns are debuted and we are all left at a loss for words at how utterly breathtaking they can be. We can assure you, 2015 is no different. This year’s top 3 styles of wedding  dresses are sure to make any bride a little more anxious for her special day than she already is!

As displayed on the various bridal fashion runways this year, blue gowns are in the forefront as one of the biggest eye-catchers thus far. Although traditional gowns are still a favorite, these beautifully blued collection still emphasizes a sophisticated look. Regardless of how attached you are to a more traditional look, there is no denying that these magnificent shades of blue compliment any bride who chooses to wear them. Could this be a lasting trend, we think so!

Another style that has swept this years fall and winter’s brides-to-be is sweater styled wedding dresses. To be honest, we weren’t sure what to think until we saw how absolutely gorgeous they actually are. They create a soft and simple tone to the pieces almost as though they should have already been considered traditional. Fortunate is the bride who chooses this style in the months of winter.

The last style that we feel needs to be discussed as completely captured out hearts. It is none other than the two-piece wedding gown. It’s amazing what designers have come up with through the decades. The two piece wedding dress gives a fun, sophisticated, yet edgy look to all the brides hwo decide to embrace it. Whether it’s paired with a skirt with a train or a pair of pants it has truly taken this season by storm. There is no doubt that many brides have truly fallen in love with how these pieces come together to complete the entire ensemble.


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