A Few Wedding Details No One Wants to Miss

If you’re worrying about what things may sometimes get overlooked when planning your special day, here we are to save the day! Although you might feel like your list is never-ending, there is light at the end of the tunnel! Here at Lippincott Manor we understand how stressful planning a wedding can be, so we want to make sure we can help you throughout the entire process, from the most important, to the smallest details. We’ve created a list of a few things that sometimes although important may get overlooked during your planning and preparing.

Marriage License: We all know the excitement of your big day and the extensive time that goes into getting everyone ready being the main thing on your mind, but without your marriage license, there is no marriage! Perhaps setting a specific person in charge of the license on your wedding day in case you feel that you and your groom will be too overwhelmed to remember to bring it. Another reminder even before the big day is to check and see how long the wait time is to get a marriage license. Don’t wait until the last minute because certain jurisdictions have different rules and deadlines. Waiting until the last minute can cause a lot of stress so be sure to have your officiate guide you. New York State requires all individuals who intend to get married to apply for and obtain a marriage license from any New York State city or town clerk’s office. If you apply for a marriage license in New York City, the fee is $35. If you apply for a marriage license anywhere else in the state of New York, the fee is $40.

Bridal Party Gifts: Let’s give it up for the wonderful ladies you’ve chosen to stand by your side and help you along the path to your wedding day. These women are absolutely wonderful and mean the world to you, that’s why you’ve chosen them to share such a special part of one of the most important days of your life. The gifts you give your amazing bunch don’t have to be extravagant and more often than not, it’s more heart-warming to give each one a more personalized gift. A small trinket to show that you appreciate all that they’ve done through your times of being together and the sacrifices and help they’ve given during the planning of your wedding day. There are plenty of ideas you can use to show how much you appreciate your gals.

Vendor Meals: This is a big one, and always needs to be addressed. Your vendors are working in overdrive to make sure your day is flawless. Along with all that energy that is poured into the magnificent job they do comes hunger. When you send over your final count to your caterer or the venue if they’re providing the food, be sure to include your vendors in your meals. Every venue is different for what they serve and how they charge those plates, so just make sure you remember to include your DJ or band members, your photographers, and their crew, as well as your wedding planner and your videographer if you happen to have either of those. Just as a friendly note, Lippincott Manor charges the non-liquor pricing for vendor meals that coincide with whichever package you chose.

All of these reminders are smaller details that sometimes get overlooked. We wanted to take the time to point them out and bring attention to them, so that when it’s time for your beautiful day you have smooth sailing. We are so excited looking forward to the 2016 wedding season and can’t wait to help create and share the magical celebrations planned this year!

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