…And the Season Opens with a Military Wedding

The Lippincott Manor has officially opened for the season with the celebration of Ashley and Matt!

Being a military wife or bride is not a role that is known to be easy. With looming deployment dates and the stresses of managing a life with extraordinary circumstances, it seems that time is always of the essence for those that share this lifestyle. To honor, protect, and serve our country, the U.S. Armed forces is full of young men and women from across the country that have enlisted to preserve the rights of the American citizen and that have sacrificed the common comforts of the average citizen.

When given the chance, the Lippincott Manor takes the opportunity to honor and serve those that have done the same for us. Offering special packages and any accommodations necessary, Tricia and Marty Van Dyk of the Lippincott Manor take pride in the duties that they can handle when bringing a special couple with special circumstances.

The 2013 season kicked off last Friday, April 19, and was a beautiful night celebrated and enjoyed by all that attended and helped out. The bride and groom had much to say about the memories that their special day has given them to cherish:

We wanted to take the time to say how wonderful these two people [Marty and Tricia Van Dyk] are and the business they run. They have been part of the wedding business for the past eight years and they know what they are doing. Our wedding was Friday April 19, 2013 and we had the pleasure of opening their season.

We are a military family and they were the only venue that worked with us in regards to possible deployment. They were extremely understanding and cooperative throughout the entire process; from picking the venue all the way to the end of our night.

Their staff was amazing, from cleaning prior to the event to working it the day of. They were nice, prompt, and helpful. The food for the event was phenomenal and our guests are still raving over it. They made sure they had food for the children along with what we had chosen for our menu.
Marty takes care of the property personally which overlooks the mountains and the Wallkill River. They are constantly looking for ways to improve their venue and take the ideas of their past and future couples. We truly believe that our day was as perfect as it was because of Tricia and Marty.

Thank you for being a part of our big day and it will always be remembered by our friends and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Morris

Best wishes to you both, and God Bless your new life together! It was a great time had by all.

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