Inspiration Spotlight: Mason Jars

Here at The Lippincott Bride, it is our mission to offer tips and advice to brides that are planning their wedding. In today’s post, we are bringing you an inspiration highlight. When starting to plan a wedding, you will quickly find that there is a lot of information, ideas and inspirations out there. To help you sift through popular design elements and trends, we will bring you an inspiration focus. Today’s focus is on mason jars.

If you are looking to give your wedding a rustic, vintage, or organic feel, then mason jars are a design avenue that you must explore. Speaking to the hearts of the the DIY brides out there, the mason jar is an inexpensive and versatile material that can be used in so many design aspects of your wedding. They can be used as centerpieces to hold flowers or candles, they can mark table numbers, or serve as escort cards that are also a guest’s drink cup for the night. Filled with dessert or jam, or anything that you would like to give your guests, they can also be used as favors.

Mason jars are 100% customizable and with great ease. By simply adding a ribbon or twine bow, or wrapping it in burlap and attaching a satin flower bow, or even decoupaging lace, a mason jar can be transformed into a beautiful centerpiece. You can also paint them to match your color scheme to really enhance the décor of your event. Filled with candles or string lights, hung or placed on tables, mason jars can provide romantic lighting to the evening.

When it comes to a mason jar at a wedding, your design possibilities are endless. You have so many options with this inexpensive material, so let your imagination flow.

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