Inspiration Spotlight: Sunset Photo Shoot

When creating your perfect wedding, there are many plans that are made, rentals that are brought in, decorative items that are purchased, and flowers that are snipped, clipped and perfectly placed — all to be set up to create a beautiful space with the perfect ambiance for your special day. And while all of these things seem to be essential to decorating a wedding celebration, we want to take some time to focus on certain setting elements that cannot be purchased. Specifically, the naturally beauty of an amazing sunset.

You’ve probably paid for a photographer to capture all of those beautiful moments of your day. Every photographer knows the power of good lighting and the amazing shot that can be captured at dusk. At this time of day, you cannot predict what will happen. Every sunset is different and unique. From the shape of the clouds to the color of the sky, a photo at this time of day is guaranteed to take your breath away.

If you have a chance to sit and talk with your photographer before your wedding day, you’ll be able to discuss certain photos that you would like to have taken. Be sure to discuss a sunset photo. Ask him or her about taking some time in the evening for a mini-session with the setting sun — you’ll be glad you did. If you have chosen to have your wedding at an outdoor venue with already amazing views, such as Lippincott Manor, then it will be easy as pie to get this memorable shot. If you are indoors, just make sure that you pay attention to the time of day and get outside when the sun starts to go down. This photo will only take a few minutes to shoot, but it will be well worth it when you have it to cherish forever.

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