Spring has Sprung in the Hudson Valley

Officially, Spring began about two weeks ago. But let’s face it—we haven’t really bought it here in the Hudson Valley. So we’ve cursed the groundhog, put up with the windy chill that has been in the air and didn’t pack away our sweaters for the season. Until, (hooray!) this week comes—the week when the forecast is reading 70 degrees and the suns of the local weather man’s forecast are dancing and smiling. Spring has finally arrived!

While some may be excited for more well-known opening days, others view this time as the “opening day” of wedding season. Spring is the time of renewal and new beginnings, and WEDDINGS!

Engaged couples, you may have gotten engaged over the holidays and have felt a little overwhelmed for the last couple months. Take this time to breathe in the fresh air and reinvigorate. The change of season could bring in some changes to your wedding plans, ideas, and energy levels. Wedding venues across the Hudson Valley, including Lippincott Manor, are cleaning up and getting refreshed after a long winter. Flowers are being planted, decorations are being restored, gardens of delicious foods are being planted, and the bars are being stocked for the season. With this renewal, take some time to think about revisiting an outdoor venue that may have not shown its full potential while covered in snow. A few budding blossoms may change your whole outlook on a place.

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