Beautiful Enhancements For Every Event.

Lippincott Manor would first like to express a Happy New Year to everyone. Although it is still very much winter in the Hudson Valley, Lippincott Manor is looking forward to all of the delectable couples the 2015 season will bring.

We are proud and exhilarated to launch our Gem Enhancements this season. Many of the enhancements are wedding favorites that have been featured in precedent seasons. There are a total of 12 enhancements offered.

Why not authentically impress your guests with the Cordial Bar Station during coffee hour, a true delight with any dessert!

Another lovely addition is our lemonade, apple cider or sweet tea stand which is sure to quench every thirst on a sultry day. A mouth-watering addition to any countryside wedding ceremony.

If you have a sweet tooth, the candy buffet table is an absolute must have. They are beauteously adorned with chocolate covered pretzels and licorice. Among other dainty treats. Last season a lovely decorative sign with the quote “How Sweet it is to be Loved by You” was exhibited which additionally matched the color themes. They we’re absolutely elegant and a true sweet end to the event..

An absolute sublime enhancement is our sky lantern release, they are genuinely a magnificent way to head into the ending of such a marvelous evening. They’re most impressive and relished by everyone. An absolute mesmerizing exhibit.

Lippincott Manor has been actively booking couples for the 2015 and 2016 season, but we still have room! We look forward to making your dreams come true. Simple elegance and natural beauty best describe Lippincott Manor, where they are sure to make your special day “An Affair to Remember!”.

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