A Little Inspiration Goes a Long Way…

Every year wedding trends come and go. Some of them, we fall head over heels for and realize from the moment we visually perceive them that we have to incorporate them into our special day. From wedding colors to accessories and decor. Each and every piece has it’s role in your treasured day and it’s always handled with the utmost care here at Lippincott Manor.

One of the most important components of wedding planning is the color scheme. Whether you’re going to be bold with a vibrant accumulation of colors or subtle with soft shades. Every bride can agree that the colors that are chosen together are the base for the entire event. This year is the year of the neutral and powder colors. They’re subtle, they pair well with every wedding style, and there are always options with your decor when you incorporate these colors. Neutral and powder colors accent an outside wedding elegantly. A genuinely beautiful partnership everyone will fall in love with.

This year it seems as though sequins is one of the leading trends. Whether it be sequins in a hair piece, on the dress, or in the decor, sequin is predicted to be a must-have this year.
Another trend that’s getting more exposure is feathers. Feathers can work with quite a few themes which are why they’re so versatile. They’re a resplendent accent to a bohemian chic wedding theme, you can incorporate them in a vintage/classic look, or you can utilize them to artistically accent your wedding decor.

Last, but certainly not least, the trending theme this year, Tuscan Dream! It’s absolutely perfect for an outside venue and you most certainly aren’t required to travel to an Italian vineyard to utilize this lovely theme. Any outside venue can be turned into a recreation of the finest parts of Italy, with the right decor and a vision, anything is possible.

Which trend will you choose for your extraordinary day? Or do you already have your vision panned out? It’s such an exhilarating occasion and here at Lippincott Manor we cannot wait to help put all of the different pieces to your magnificent wedding puzzle together.


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