Aisle Decor Possibly Last, But Certainly Not Least!

After you’ve chosen your colors, your centerpieces, your bridesmaid dresses, and your props you may be thinking, am I forgetting something? Aisle decor! Finding the perfect aisle decor can be tricky! The aisle decor depends on what theme or style your wedding is going to be. While some might be intrigued by a glamorous over-the-top piece, others choose a small plant, mason jars with flowers, or candles, even lavender to toss.

 The biggest influence on aisle decor is where the ceremony will be held. Some couples decide to hold their ceremony in a church…with churches a colorful small floral arrangement or ribbons that can decorate the pews. Another familiar option in aisle decor can be mason jars, lanterns, flower petals to name a few. These options go fabulously for a country, rustic or vintage theme. Although small, they truly do help give a classic feel to the entire decorative display. If you’re someone who lives by the saying “bigger is better” you may be interested in free-standing aisle decor. This usually includes larger floral accents or displays that sit alone, a really nice option for those wedding ceremonies that are the definition of over-the-top glamour!

Aisle décor, although a small part of the artistic planning, helps to tie the whole wedding ceremony together while expressing your personal style.

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