The Beauty of an Outdoor Hudson Valley Wedding

Every bride wants their wedding day to be perfect. While offering amazing views, fresh air and an atmosphere that can never be recreated quite as authentically, an outdoor site can be a little bit of a scary commitment. Sometimes planning a year or more in advance, it can be very intimidating to know that there is one element of your day that you have no control over – and that is the weather.

Every person knows of that couple that was married on a day when it poured. Whether you were a guest or only heard about it, you probably thought to yourself, “Oh, that poor bride. What did she do? Her hair? Her dress? OMG.” With this train of thought, you may have already ruled out an outdoor wedding. However, we ask you to please reconsider. In fact, we insist. And remember those people that you are paying to have your wedding are, in fact, professionals and are well-equipped to deal with this. (As are we. We are humans living on Earth, where it rains – it has happened before and nobody melted!)

Sometimes, nothing can take your breath away quite like nature. (Think about the famous New Paltz Shawanagunk Mountains that can be seen from Lippincott Manor.) And when you find that spectacular location that utilizes the beauty of its natural scenery, hold on to it. Make sure to talk to the wedding coordinator of the venue about all the details, especially their “B Plan.” Every outdoor venue has their Plan B in case of the rain – just ask them about it, they will gladly put your worries to rest. And Lippincott Manor is no exception.

The same goes for your photographer and all your other wedding professionals. Your limo driver will more than likely have an umbrella on hand and when you are getting the royal treatment will probably protect you from even one drop of rain. Also, some amazing photos have been taken in the rain. Ask to see your photographer’s portfolio and ask to see what their most challenging shoots were. Seeing how your photographer coped and what they produced can really help your rest assured that a little rain will not ruin your day.

And remember that bride with the rainy wedding that you were so concerned about? Well, she is fine and her wedding happened. And at the end of the day it didn’t matter what the weather was like, because she is now happily married to her sweetheart. And the day was beautiful – rain or shine.

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